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    Global Policy

    IUCN participates in multilateral processes and international environmental forums to?provide policy and technical advice to key stakeholders,?associating?extensive?on-the-ground experience and scientific expertise


    How we engage

    The decisions taken by IUCN Members at the IUCN World Conservation Congress set the global conservation agenda and guide IUCN’s policy engagements at the local, national and global levels.

    With the aim to integrate nature & sustainable development at all levels, IUCN's policy work focusses on 3 key areas:

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    • In the spotlight:

      Towards a post-2020 biodiversity framework

      Despite the commitments made by governments in 2010 to take effective and urgent action to halt the loss of biodiversity to ensure resilient ecosystems by 2020, much remains to be done.?

      IUCN has been involved in the preparations for the post-2020 global biodiversity framework providing inputs to ensure that its development and implementation can deliver the 2050 Vision for biodiversity of "living in harmony with nature".


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    National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans

    More commonly referred to as NBSAPs,?are the main vehicles of national implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity and other biodiversity-related conventions. With its regional and country offices, IUCN is well positioned to assist countries in developing and updating their...


    IUCN and IPBES share common goals and similar priorities: undertaking authoritative assessments, generating robust knowledge inclusive of local and indigenous perspectives, supporting policy and developing capacity-building across continents, for a just world that values and conserves...

    Sustainable Development Goals

    The Sustainable Development Goals and targets acknowledge the critical role that a healthy environment can play in addressing current challenges including poverty, climate change, food and water security.


    Quick reads

    Aimed at policy-makers and journalists, IUCN Issues Briefs provide key information on selected issues in a two-pager format.

    Gender-based violence and the environment - an IUCN Issues Brief Photo: IUCN

    Gender-based violence and the environment

    Evidence shows that there are direct links between environmental pressures and gender-based violence, and that the degradation of nature, competition over increasingly scarce resources and...
    thumbnail_Governing areas beyond national jurisdiction issues brief Photo: IUCN

    Governing areas beyond national jurisdiction

    Nearly two-thirds of the world’s ocean is beyond national jurisdiction – where no single state has authority. This area reaches depths of over 10 km and represents 95% of the Earth’s total habitat by...
    thumbnail_IAS and sustainable development_issues brief Photo: IUCN

    Invasive alien species and sustainable development

    Alien or non-native species are animals, plants or other organisms introduced by humans, either intentionally or accidentally, into areas outside their natural range. Some of these species become...
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