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    Eastern and Southern Africa

    The countries of eastern and southern Africa host a vast variety and abundance of the world’s biological and natural resources, including 7 of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.


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    Rwanda Photo: IUCN

    Forest Landscape & Livelihoods

    Vision: By 2025, forests, woodlands ecosystems and farmlands in Eastern and Southern Africa are equitably and sustainably restored, conserved and managed to support local livelihoods and national economies.


    Drylands Photo: Clara Herreros Murueta-Goyena / IUCN

    Drylands Resilience Land Management

    Sub-Saharan Africa drylands cover 13.9 million km and hold about 425 million people. The region is susceptible to land degradation and bears the greatest impact of drought and desertification/hyper-aridity. The goal of the programme is to slow and reverse land degradation in the drylands...
    Water and Wetlands Water and Wetlands Photo: IUCN Photo Library / ? Alicia Wirz

    Integrated water resources management

    The goal of the Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) programme is to implement sustainable water and wetland management and mainstream ecosystems approach into IWRM processes in order to support poverty reduction, equitable development, resilience to climate change and...
    Mangroves in Moz Photo: IUCN ESARO

    Coastal and Ocean Resilience

    The climate and biodiversity crisis present challenges that are today greater than ever. The Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region is particularly exposed and vulnerable. Critical ecosystems, unique species and more than 60 million people’s lives are at risk. It is of paramount importance for...
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