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    Benefits for Members

    By joining IUCN, you will benefit from IUCN's scientific credibility, its unsurpassed knowledge base and convening power, extensive networking opportunities and access to high-level political, economic and social decision making. Being a Member of IUCN enables you to both advance your own cause and to strengthen common action in overcoming barriers to a sustainable future.

    • Influence IUCN's ever-growing influence is a result of working with its Members. The Union, driven by its mission, reflects the diverse needs of its vast membership and its commitment to the conservation and sustainable use of the Earth's Resources.
    • Collective Voice Through IUCN, members become part of a collective and global voice on important issues of our age. The Union convenes the World Conservation Congress and other platforms for discussing conservation issues.
    • Partnerships and networks Members are able to develop partnerships by being part of an alliance of governments and NGOs. Members also have the possibility to expand their networks through international contacts with other Members and the Union's experts and staff.
    • Knowledge and increased capacity Members can strengthen their credibility and capacity through their association with a respected conservation alliance of key scientists, decision-makers and managers.?

    Union Portal

    The?Union Portal?is a web-based, password protected system, which allows for networking, interaction and the sharing of information across the entire Union: Councillors, Members, National and Regional Committees, Commission members and the Secretariat. It is both a working area and an important communication and networking tool for all IUCN constituents. The Portal is a source of knowledge, a hub for creating new institutional partnerships and place to learn about new opportunities.

    Being a part of this platform and having access to this network is one of the benefits of your IUCN membership.

    To access the Union Portal, please use your personal login information (username and password).

    Unsure of your login details?

    Additional accounts for other staff in your organization:

    • Additional staff in your organization can have access to the portal by requesting their own personal user accounts via the?Union Portal login page. N.B. They will be required to enter your IUCN membership ID number in order to process the request for access.?

    Login to the Union Portal here.

    Use of the IUCN Member logo

    IUCN Members can show their association with IUCN by using an official IUCN logo extension specifically designed for Members. This can be used on websites, letterheads, business cards, email signatures, etc.

    More information, including access to the IUCN Member logo and the detailed guidelines for use of the logo, is available in the IUCN Brand book for Members.

    Logos can be downloaded on the?Union Portal.?



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